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Unit 01 – Flight Attendant Job Duties

a) F b) T c) F
d) F e) T f) F
g) T h) F i) T

Briefing – Instructions
Fasten – Tighten
Weather – Atmospheric condition
Pass – Ticket
Store – keep

3. Answers will vary

a) task, both, entire
b)greet , assist , storing
c) entertainment , magazines , duty – free
d) exits, following, landing
e) friendly, highest, whenever


Unit 02 – Crew Briefing

Flight – Crew
Inner – Groups
Take – Care
Work – Place
First – officer
Weather – conditions
Made – Up

a) a group of professionals c) flight attendants
b) piloting the aircraft d) weather conditions

3. Answers will vary

a) differ, workplace, crew, crew
b) command, operation
c) aircraft, coordinated, influences
d) weather, expected, disabled, may


Unit 03 – Pre- Flight check

Smoke – Hoods
Crash – Axe
First aid – Kit
Oxygen – Bottle
Life –Vest
Mega – Phones

a) T b) F c) F
d) F e) T

To set up – d) to get ready for a particular purpose or event
Duties – e) work that you are obligated to perform
To perform – a) to get something done
To assure – c) to make certain of
Properly – f) in the right manner
Assigned – b) attributes or gives credit to

a) specific, role, assigned
b) perform, strange, occupants
c) number, extra, specific
d) duties, chief purser, related

5. Answers will vary


Unit 04 – Boarding

Enter – g) go into
Greet – e) welcome
Unaccompanied – a) alone
Remain – b) continue
Compartment – d) lockers
Obstructed – f) blocked
Speech – c) announcement

a) passengers enter the airplane
b) help passengers find their seats
c) the nearest emergency exits
d) the aisles are not obstructed by any objects
e) a choice of sparkling wine, water, or juice

a) process, stow, seats
b) assistance, guided, other
c) wide body, offer, hang, compartment
d) safety, under, compartments, contact, cooperation

5. Answers will vary

Unit 05 – Preparation for take – off

1. Answers will vary

Take – f) Off
Push – e) Back
Up – a) Right
Turn – b) On
Switch – d) Off
Cross – c) Check

a) T b) T
c) T d) F

4. Safety, position, across, firmly, before, fasten, put, leaving, rubber, pocket.


Unit 06 – In- flight Service

a) a snack and something to drink
b) meals such as beef, chicken, or fish
c) mineral water
d) after meals
e) put in the waste trolley or trash compactor

03 / 05 / 08 / 06 / 01 / 07 / 04 / 02

Mid – f) Day
Table – e) Cloth
Silver – a) Ware
Chicken – h) Meal
Preset – d) Tray
Salad – c) Dressing
Powder – g) Milk
Paper – b) Napkin

a) receive, drink
b) breakfast, mid-day/noon, evening
c) first, restaurants, silverware, plates
d) drinks, walking, coffeepot, powdered
e) need, variety, requested, confirmed

5. Answers will vary

Unit 07 – Entertainment

To carry out – c) To execute
To increase – b) To add
Composed – f) Made
Several – e) Many
To Spend – a) To pass
Due – d) Expected

a) F b) T c) F
d) F e) T

Available – d) Ready for use or service
Icon – a) A visual representation produced on a surface
Display – e) To show, make visible
Estimate – b) Judge to be probable
Puzzle – c) A game that tests your intelligence

a) wide-bodied, composed, available
b) goods, scarves, devices, catalogs, taxes
c) duty – free shop, suggest, thank you
d) presenting, screens, map, north, direction

5. Answers will vary


Unit 08 A – Emergency Situations (Fire / Decompression)

a) high temperature, fuel, oxygen and chain reaction
b) always
c) difference of pressure levels between the interior and exterior of the aircraft
d) strong pain in the joints and internal organs

a) F b) T c) T d) F

3. Answers will vary

a) speeds, dangerous, means
b) extinguishers, seats, lavatories
c) decompression, breathing, until, atmospheric
d) landing, suddenly, available, outline

5. Answers will vary


Unit 08 B – Emergency Situations (Forced landing / Ditching)

a) time available before landing
b) stowage of loose items and cabin preparation
c) to leave the airplane first and assist other passengers on the ground

a) T b) T c) F d) T e) F f) T g) F

3. Answers will vary

a) landing, suddenly, available, outline
b) gentlemen, landing, carrying, crew, jacket, aircraft, pocket, procedures
c) stopped, unable, inside, fuselage


Unit 09 – Landing Preparation

a) approach and landing
b) whenever there is a turbulence
c) stop at the beginning of the descent
d) passengers must turn off electronic devices
e) under the seats

Maneuver – c) steer
Approach – e) near
Tough – a) violent
Stabilized – b) steady
Catering – d) supply

3. Answers will vary

a) descent, flaps, speed c) started, land, weather
b) responsible, phases d) tidy, communicate

5. Answers will vary


Unit 10 – Disembarkation

1. Answers will vary

a) F b) T c) T
d) F e) F

Runway – d) track
Safety – a) security
Remain – e) continue
Items – b) things
Recommend – c) suggest

a) gentlemen, remain, switched, fall
b) ensure, disarm
c) require, passengers, deported, department
d) comfortable, choosing

5. Answers will vary


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